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The Fat Big Quiz on Stage

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The worlds first theatrical, immersive, on stage quiz… And it’s literally got everything. We will take you on a hilarious and knowledge bending real world quiz journey, with a mix of classic quiz style and quirky and creative trivia tingling rounds. For our on stage quizzes we currently offer two themes: The Fat Big Quiz of Everything, and the The Fat Big Quiz of Christmas.  So make sure you've brushed up on the basics, and worked out those thumbs in order to show-off your smarts in our staple quiz evening.

Our quiz takes players through ten, highly interactive rounds of in person gameplay. Using video, audio, special guests, graphics, guest presenters, and live triggers, along with the latest in broadcasting and design software, we bring our players a truly memorable user-friendly, immersive, experience.

The quizzes format consists of five quirky creative rounds and 5 normal quiz style rounds.

The rounds for this quiz are:


Questions: Bog standard quiz question, on stage guest, external guest speaker, picture question, work out the quote. 

Say What You Can See

A collage of 'say what you can see’ images, built around a scene that is in theme with the season. For our fat big quiz on stage the theme is high street brands.


Questions: Special guest, name that tune, song in reverse, finish the lyric, album cover, face swap.

Higher or Lower

Try and work out if the year the company was founded is higher or lower than the previous company shown. 


Questions: Fake news, inventor, stained glass, who this hiding in the shadows, the fantastic jar of whatever is in the jar.

What a Load of Hot Air

Are you ready to take a ride in our hot air balloon? Questions will wiz in from adjacent balloons, and all the questions revolve around conspiracy theories. If you get an answer correct you’ll be soaring, and earn your team two points. However, answer a question wrong and you’ll burst your balloon, losing your team a point.

TV / Film

Questions: Special guest, esteemed actor Paul Murphy reading a 1 star review, face swap, say what you can see, strap-line from a film.

Fish Your Chips

How many points do you want to bet, on your ability to predict who in your organisation will win in a head-to-head on stage game? The more difficult the game, the higher the return you’ll get on your investment. We’ll be fishing colours out of a rotating fish pond. If a table has a piece of coloured card, that matches the colour of the chosen fish, they will need to nominate a teammate to come up to the stage, and play in a head-to-head game. Teams will need to bet points they've earned throughout the quiz, on who they think the winner will be. 

Quirky Quick-fire

A quick-fire round of 10 quirky questions based on the quiz theme.

And finally…


How many of the number one rankers can you name? If you give us the top answer in a category, you will earn two points. If you give us the second to top answer, you will earn one point.

On Game Day

On the day of the event we will arrive 3 hours before the start time to set up all of our equipment. This includes a full P.A. system, lighting, visuals based on the venue size, our stage, quiz packs and various props and live quiz round equipment.

The Quiz host will take the teams through all ten rounds followed by the scores. The top three teams will be awarded trophies and the winning team will also be awarded a bottle of bubbles.

What you'll need

We advise having x1 smart devices per team.


Public Events

Available on seasonal dates, check out our schedule here: Public Tickets

Private Events

Available all year round.

For private bookings you can enquire by filling in this form: Enquiry Form

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