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Office Olympics

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Calling all basketbin shooters, pencil javelin throwers and computer chair rally racers. An office olympics could be coming towards an office near you! You’ve probably heard of an office olympics competition, which has featured in popular shows such as ‘The Office’, and the film ‘Office Christmas Party’. However, you’ve never seen a version like ours.

A 2 hour experience, which consists of innovative, interactive, physical games that are arranged around your office space. All we need are some clear desks and some open spaces. We own a selection of indoor office themed, creative games, meaning we can adapt the listing based on the office you have.

Before your experience, we will ask you to select up to 10 office themed games, and additional services from our product brochure. Once we’ve confirmed the booking, we ask that you send us some photos of the space we’ll be setting up in, and information about any parking or drop-off locations we can use for our equipment.

At the beginning of the experience players will divided into teams of between 4-6 players (or you can select these in advance). Those teams will compete for medals across a mixture of competitive games. The team with the most medals at the end of the experience wins.

Typically, we divide teams into groups and rotate those groups around different game stations. Each team will have around 10 minutes at each station before they rotate onto the next one. Once a team reaches a game station, a game master will describe how the game runs and ask each team to select which player(s) will be participating in the game. Then on the game masters mark, teams will compete against one another to earn points, which result in medals. 

Gold medals are worth 3 points, silver medals are worth 2 points, and bronze medals are worth 1 point. Once all the games have been played and the medals have been counted, we will announce the scores. During the end ceremony we invite teams up to front of the room to collect their trophies and then we do a big group photo with all the players together. If we have a tie at the end of the competition, then a trivia question about your company will be used as a tiebreaker.

Office Olympic Games

Office Olympic Relay

Our office olympic relay see’s all team members banned together for one final push for glory. Using a selection of miniture games, we build an in-office relay, which connects a series of games together. Players will need to complete a mini-challenge and then pass their teams baton to the next player, which allows them to move onto the next challenge. The points in this final round are doubly weighted, meaning that even teams lower down the leaderboard have a chance of making a comeback!

Mortised Bin Toss

You’ve probably looked at a wastepaper basket and the thought… Can I make that shot? Well here’s your chance to answer that question. In this game a miniature motorised bin will be roaming around the room. Your team will need to select a player with good aim, to toss your teams scrunched up coloured card into the bin. The team who makes the most successful shots wins your team the points.

Paper Plane Javelin

Have you brushed up on your physics? Do you know your left from your lift? In this round you’ll need to spend some time getting creative, and putting together some highly aerodynamic paper planes to try and best your opponents, and make the furthest flight. Just like in olympic javelin the furthest distance thrown wins.

Elastic Band Target Shooting

Remember all that time spent at school not listening to the teacher, but instead trying to get your best friends attention by flicking elastic bands at them? Well... Get ready to put all that hard work into practise, by knocking over a series of amusing targets using elastics bands. The team who knocks over the most targets within the time wins the points.

Paper Plate Discus

Unlike traditional discus this one's about accuracy; it's not about distance. Your team will need to throw your paper plate into a big target. The closer your throw it to the centre of the target the more points your throw is worth. Each player in the team needs to make a throw, and the team who racks up the most points wins.

Cool Runnings

In this game teams will need to place an ice cube on a spoon and run back and forth between two marks six feet apart. The games master will count how many times teams cross the lines. If a team drops their cube then they start over. The winners are the team who has the highest consecutive lap count at the end of the round.

Bounce Cup

This isn’t any normal bounce cup. This is a bounce cup relay. Players will need to take it in turns to bounce a series of ping pong balls into a cup. Players will work back and fourth down a line of cups, and the winning team is the team who makes it the furthest within the time limit.

Stack Em Up

This game is a race to stack up a series of items into a tower. The team who can build their tower the quickest wins. However; the tower must stand on its own for at least 10 seconds to be considered structurally sound! If your tower tumbles within those 10 seconds you’ll need to start all over.

3 Legged Balloon Race

It sounds simple but we promise you it isn’t. This is our take on a traditional 3-legged race. Two players from each team will be bound together using our professional 3-legged race bands and then they will be given a balloon. Players need to journey between two marks which are six feet apart. This game is a race. The team to complete the most runs wins; however, for a run to count you must have the balloon between your legs for entire distance. If a team bursts their balloon they’re disqualified.

Computer Chair Egg & Spoon

The eggs aren’t real, but the computer chairs are. It’s time to show off your steady hands in this relay built specifically for the office. Teams will need to select one player to sit in a computer chair and another player to push the chair. We will mark out a simple slalom route that the players need to follow. If players crash into one-another, then they must start again. If a player drops their egg, they must start again. So steadiness over speed please! The team to cross the finish line first will gain their team the points.

Nerf Shooting

If you’ve got good aim or you’re a nerf shooting pro then step right up, because it’s your time to be counted. In this game players will use a nerf gun to shoot moving targets over a six foot distance. The team who knocks off the most targets wins.

House of Cards

It sounds simple, but there's a decision to be made. You can play it safe and decide to build a simple yet robust small house of cards. Or take the risk and try and build a hotel. The team with the tallest house of cards at the end of the time wins. However; in order for your team to win the points. The house must be uniformed and complete (with a single top layer) when the end buzzer sounds. No kicking down other teams houses either! That’s a sure way to get your team disqualified. This isn’t a demolition site!

Mini Indoor Football Slalom

Simple yet effective this game is a relay of foot magic. Teams have to navigate a miniature football around a series of cones. Each player in the team must participate. The team to finish the slalom first takes the points.

Puff Ball Obstacle Run

In this game players will need to blow a ping pong ball through a maze of miniature obstacles. If the ball falls then you must start over. The team that finishes the maze first wins their team the points!

Ring Toss

We have so many versions of ring toss it will make your head spin. Ranging from non-seasonal to seasonal versions we use this game to tailor the event towards your group and requirements.

Costume Contest

If you’d like to add another dimension to your office olympics why not add a costume competition? Teams will need to arrive in their best olympic fancy dress. We can even assign teams different countries or themes in advance.

On Game Day

On the day of the event we will arrive 3 hours before the start time to set up all of our equipment.

What you'll need

Appropriate clothing for mild activity.

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