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Indoor Christmas Scavenger Hunt

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Stoke the logs in the hearth and get your best festive onesie on! It’s that time of year to put your Christmas scavenger hunt skills to the test, all from the comfort of your sofa. We have taken our renowned scavenger hunt games and adapted them for the digital world. Using cutting edge technologies, graphics, broadcasting software, timers, and video calling, you will be transported into a festive treasure hunting adventure and discover things in your own home that you never put much thought into. It could be a blanket fort that you transform into a Santa's Grotto or turn your pets into makeshift Reindeer! The possibilities are endless. We will bring you along with us in the world's first fully immersive, bespoke, online, Christmas scavenger hunt experience.

Furthermore, to say thank you to our community, we have provided a free download of our indoor scavenger hunts, in the members section of our website. Membership is free; however, you will be required to sign-up as a member to access the game. You can download the game here: Free Scavenger Hunts

How does it work?

Once you've enquired through our website, you will receive a product brochure, which outlines our different games and packages. Once you've confirmed your game, group size, location, event time/date, and the package you'd like to purchase, we will send you an invoice/payment link to confirm your booking, and an event organiser checklist.

The event organiser checklist includes a link to our bespoke questionnaire. Once you've filled in our bespoke questionnaire, you will receive an instruction email, with all the details about your game, as well as a draft copy of your bespoke game hands outs.

Once you've signed-off on your game, we send it for printing, and look forward to seeing you on game day.

On Game Day

We meet online on Zoom. Once the event begins we play an icebreaker game to divide players into teams, then we present each team with your bespoke digital handouts. Teams will need to assign a team captain, who will be required to sign-in through Google to access the game. Their phone will be responsible for submitting all your team's photos and videos as evidence to show that you've completed various tasks and challenges. Once the team captains have signed-in they will be required to complete a practice section, which includes the task "Take a team selfie", as well as a text box to assign your team a name. 

We will award the best team name an extra 5 points.

Once the practice section has been submitted, players will be familiar with the technology and ready to start the game. Before we begin we will run through the rules, FAQ's and answer any questions. Then teams will have a set amount of time (defined by your before game day), to work out how they're going to earn the most points, and be crowned BucketRace champions.

When the time finishes a selection of tasks and challenges will be showcased to the group and then we run backwards from the lowest scoring team to the highest scoring team, and do a slow reveal for 3rd, 2nd and 1st place. Once the game has ended all the team captains will receive a follow up email with the scores, and all the tasks/challenges that have been submitted on the day.


We typically host our games via Zoom, combined with a private live streaming platform.


From themed events on specific dates such as, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween to seasonal variations, including Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, as well as Indoor and Virtual Scavenger Hunts, we cover all bases. We have also developed technologies that allow us to curate and design hunts’ with bespoke themes for your group or organisation looking to spread some bonding and cheer among their staff.

What you'll need

We advise having x1 smart devices per team.


Theatrical Scavenger Hunts

£400 minimum reserve (covers up to 16 players)

Costs vary based on the package you choose, for package details please fill in our  Enquiry Form.


Private Events

Available all year round.

For private bookings you can enquire by filling in this form: Enquiry Form

Self Service Games / Downloadables

Now in their beta-phase, please join our mailing list to be the first to know about their release: Coming Soon

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