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Classic Problem Solving

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During this event, your team will be presented with various challenges that require critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration to solve. These challenges are designed to explore the different personalities of your team, and mimic real-world problems that require a structured approach to arrive at a solution.

The event will start with an introduction to the concept of problem-solving, which involves breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts, and communicating ideas clearly and concisely. Your team will learn how to identify the root cause of a problem and work together, while paying attention to different personaly types to conceptualise piece together solutions.

Next, your team will be split into smaller groups, and each group will be presented with a problem to solve. The problems will vary in complexity, and each group will have a limited amount of time to arrive at a solution. The groups will be encouraged to use various problem-solving techniques to arrive at a solution.

Once each group has presented their solution, the entire team will come together to discuss the different approaches and strategies used. The facilitator will provide feedback and encourage the team to reflect on what they learned during the exercise.

The event will conclude with a debrief session where the team will discuss the key takeaways from the exercise and how they can apply their problem-solving skills to their day-to-day work.

By the end of this event, your team will have learned how to approach complex problems with a structured and analytical mindset, as well as how to collaborate effectively to arrive at a solution. This experience will help your team to work more efficiently and creatively together, and to tackle challenges with a newfound confidence.

Classic Problem Solving Example Games

Bridge Building

Give teams a set of materials such as popsicle sticks and glue and challenge them to build a bridge that can support the weight of a small object.

Egg Towers

A game that involves teams building a tower out of materials such as newspaper, tape and straws to hold a raw egg at the top.


Provide teams with PVC pipes and ask them to create a pipeline that transfers a ball from one end to the other.

Tower of Hanoi

Provide teams with three rods and a series of disks that are arranged in a pyramid shape on one of the rods. The goal is to move the entire pyramid to another rod without placing a larger disk on a smaller one.


A game that involves teams competing in a series of 60-second challenges, such as stacking cups or balancing a ping pong ball on a spoon.

The Perfect Square

Divide the team into smaller groups and give each group a length of rope. Challenge each group to create a perfect square using only the length of rope provided.

Human Knot

A game that involves standing in a circle and holding hands with two different people across from you, then untangling yourselves without letting go of each other's hands.


A game that involves a team member being blindfolded and guided through an obstacle course while avoiding objects that can't be stepped on, relying only on verbal directions and trust.

Scavenger Hunt

A game that involves teams racing to complete a list of tasks or find hidden items within the office or at home.

Blind Drawing

Pair team members and ask one person to describe a picture while the other draws what they hear.

Word Chain

Give the team a word or phrase and ask them to create a chain of related words. The next person in line must continue the chain with a word that is related to the previous one.

Stack It Up

Provide teams with a set of plastic cups and challenge them to stack them in a pyramid shape without using their hands.

Storytelling Challenge

Give each team a random object and challenge them to create a story or scenario around it.

Puzzle Race

Provide each team with a jigsaw puzzle and challenge them to complete it as quickly as possible.


Split teams into smaller groups and have each group act out a word or phrase for the other teams to guess.

Paper Airplane Competition

A game that involves teams building paper airplanes and competing to see whose airplane flies the furthest or longest.

Office Trivia

A game that involves teams competing in a trivia game based on office-related topics.

Lego Challenge

A game that involves teams building a structure out of Lego bricks that meets specific criteria, such as tallest tower or longest bridge.

On Game Day

On the day of the event we will arrive 1 hour before the start time to set up all of our equipment.

What you'll need

Appropriate clothing for mild activity.

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