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A Journey of Love Through the History of Game Shows

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Love is in the Air! In our epic Valentine's game show spectacular, you will be treated to a series of parody rounds to get the romance flowing.  Whether you’re a couple or a budding singleton we’ve got something everyone. If you’ve always dreamt of going on a game show, or testing the stregnth of your partner, now is your opportunity. 

Get ready to go head-to-head in a range of challenges, trivia and betting rounds, inspired by some of the most popular game shows found from around the globe. All wrapped up in chronological storyline, which travels from the 1930's to modern day, accompanied by a live themed host. So stoke the fire and crack out the egg nog for our Christmas game show extravaganza.

A Journey through the history of game shows usually comprises of 13 virtual game show mock up rounds. Below we have listed the game shows built for this particular game, accompanied by a brief explanation of the question styles found within that round.

Mock-up game show rounds

Spelling Bee (1930)

Spell the words correctly.

The Zoomlywed Game (1940)

How many questions can you answer correctly about your partner or teammate? In the first part of this round, a designated player will answer a series of questions about themselves. When the timer buzzes, a second player will be required to try and guess what the first player put as their answers. If the players' answers match, then their teams get the points.

Name That Tune (1950)

Name the tune, by hearing and seeing a snippet from its intro.

Family Misfortune (1960)

ERR ERRRR! We’ve surveyed our social media following with a series of questions, asking them to name something that you do something with. You’ll gain 5 points if you find the top scoring answer, 4 points for the second to top, 3 points for the third to top, 2 points for the fourth to top, and 1 point for the fifth to top. If you don’t find a top five answer, you won’t gain any points.

BucketRace Plays Pop (1970)

One of the first game shows to air, made exclusively for children, and it’s all about music. Can you name the song in reverse, the song at half speed, and the missing lyric?

Reclined Date (1980)

Your host will be the one you're trying to win a date with, so get ready to send them your best chat up lines. The team with the best chat up line will get the chance to unveil an envelope that contains points, prizes, or a forfeit.

Mano O Mano (1990)

It’s time to show of your skill and try and impress the opposite sex by following along with our very own virtual break dancing instructor. Our instructor will take you through a series of stages that get progressively more difficult. If you manage to match your moves to the instructors, you’ll earn your team the points. However; if you start to look more like a Donkey on ice, than a site to entice, then the points will stop with your last successful move.

SuperMarket Suite (1990)

Get your trainers… or slippers on, and get ready to rummage through the shelves in your house to earn your team points. In this round you’ll need to solve a riddle, and the answer to that riddle will be an item you can find in the home; however, you’ll need to think fast, because each riddle only stays on screen for 30 seconds, and you’ll only have two minutes overall to solve all four riddles, and find all four items, to earn your team the points.

Soul In The Wall (2000)

Time to put all that Yoga practice to good use. On screen you’ll see a series of Yoga poses, cut out of our moving wall. You will need to match each soul in the wall, take a photo and send them to us to earn your team points.

He Who Dares (2000)

This is a big scoring round, with no room for error! In this round, you’ll need to bet against your own confidence related to the question being asked. You will need to bet how many answers you can give, related to the question we ask. If you manage to answer the same amount of answers that you bet you could answer, you will receive that many points.

Spouse Swap (2000)

It’s time to test socialism, and get everyone working together for the greater good. In this round you’ll be randomly paired with another team playing in the game. Your score will be a representation of some of your correct answers, and some of the correct answers from another team; however, you won’t know which team, or which answers you’ll be donating, so it’s best to hedge your bets, and answer as many questions correctly as possible. Or, you could be tactical, and try and answer some questions wrong in the hope that those questions are donated to another team.

Should I lie to you? (2010)

Can you tell if the hosts story is true or a lie? You’ll have the chance to chime in and ask the host questions about their story, to try and work out if they’re telling you a porkie. If you answer correctly whether the story is a truth or lie, you will earn your team 2 points.

The Cupid (2010)

Originally this game was built for Valentine’s day, but it suits any time of year, the Cupid involves completing a challenge, within a time frame in order to earn your team points. If you complete the challenge you will need to send a video for verification, which will earn your team the points.

What you'll need

We advise having x 2 smart devices e.g. laptop, iPhone, iPad, a good internet connection, and players must be comfortable with using Google forms to play the game!


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