Welcome to BucketRace's privately hosted events section. If you're bored of typical party activities like cocktail making, pub crawls, spa days or brunches and you're looking for a little more adventure, then you've come to the right place. 


BucketRace provides a uniquely fun, competitive, explorative day out, that will leave you with great photos, unforgettable memories and a big smile on your face. 

Our scavenger hunts have been designed to allow you to discover the hidden gems in locations all over the world, socialise & compete with your friends, and reinvigorate & inspire your inner child. Before your event we'll arrange a consultation to really understand the birthday girl/boy or hen/stag, to allow our creative team to piece together the most personal, special and unique experience.

For Race's in the U.K. we usually meet in a bar or pub, so you can relax and socialise as everyone arrives. We then hand out your personalised list of tasks, do a brief introduction, go through the rules & task submission and then send you on your way. One of the tasks will be to decipher and find the finish line. Once BucketRace has ended, there will be a drinks reception laid out for you, while we tally up the points. The winners are then announced, prizes for 1st place, best photo and best video are handed out and a video screening of the days antics are shown. 

For Race's outside of the U.K., your personalised lists are posted to you in advanced. On the day, you'll arrive at your provided location to start your race and we do a remote Live Stream introduction, which can be arranged via Skype, Twitter Live Stream or Facebook Live, where all your party can tune in on their smart phones. Then once you arrive in your final destination, there will be a drinks reception laid out for you while we tally up the points. We then do another Live Stream to announce the winners, the venue will provide 1st place with their prize and we will provide you with a private link to watch back your days activities. 

With the wonders of modern technology and connectivity, we're able to provide BucketRace's all over the world, so please send us an enquiry about the destination you'd like to explore.

At their core, our scavenger hunts revolve around intersecting trails and tasks. There are different task categories, which are specific to the location you choose to do your event. For example, if you chose Central London, you may be asked to hail a black cab or photobomb a selfie in front of Buckingham Palace. There are miscellaneous tasks such as: design a toothpaste moustache, wear a a toilet seat around your neck, or get a high score on a video game. And finally, there are the personalised tasks based on the information you've provided us. We specialise in London scavenger hunts; however upon request, we are able to offer events in other UK major cities. Please contact us to see if we can support an event in your location. Remember, in order to complete your tasks, one person in your team will need a Twitter account. 

Guide price is £20 per head. We have a reserve of £200 to run an event, so we advise a minimum of 10 people; however we are happy to accommodate smaller parties. 

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Please fill in the form below and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. Please provide any additional details such as, party size, dates, times and location in the notes section, so we can better assist your enquitry.  

BucketRace respects your privacy. The information you provide us is intended for internal use only, and we will not share, sell, or distribute your information. You may receive news about BucketRace's services and events in the future.


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