We run a public event on weekends and public holidays, which is perfect for travelers, tourists, and people who are looking to discover more about London, meet new people and socialise in a fun & competitive environment.


During our scavenger hunts, teams race against the clock to complete different tasks and challenges. The tasks and challenges consist of Location-based tasks, Miscellaneous tasks, and Item tasks. Our scavenger hunt runs last between 2-4 hours. 

Some example challenges are: Obtain a barman/barmaids number, Fit your entire team into a phonebox, Achieve a high score on a video game, Find a Union Jack, Collect 20 business cards. 


BucketRace allows like-minded people to come together, discover London, and compete in a fun and social environment. BucketRace's culture is all about adventure, discovery, and trying new things. The concept derives from the notion of a Bucket List, which is defined as 'a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime'.


So we thought how can we bring like-minded people together, while crossing items off their Bucket List, in a competitive, exhilarating, and social environment? And thus BucketRace was formed.

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