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The BucketRace Pub Crawl is a pub crawl that moves through east, central and north London. However, this isn't any ordinary pub crawl. Competitors join into teams and try to best each other, by completing both oragnised drinking, location and miscellaneous tasks. 

If you've tried our day event and want to try it with a nightlife spin, or if you've tried other pub crawls but thought they're a little tame. Then the BucketRace Pub Crawl is perfect for you. 


There are tasks specific to regions of London such as: Find a taxi serving coffee in Shoreditch, find the giant Dragon in Camden and build a human pyramid in Hyde Park. There are general London based tasks such as: arrive at Big Ben when the clock strikes 20:00, hail a black cab and start a party on an open top bus. And there are miscellaneous tasks such as: obtain a barman/barmaids number, gain a pair of underwear from a stranger, down a pint through a sock. 

On The Day
The Meet

We meet at Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square at 12 noon. Once there, individual sign ups will be collated into teams, any purchased merchandise will be handed out and the teams will receive their lists. Within in the 5 hour time period, teams must choose which region of London they'll be completing tasks in, and complete the tasks they believe will amount to the most points. When the clock strikes 12:30 the competition will start and you'll be racing off to best your opponents whilst discovering the hidden gems of London.


Points are gained once a team takes a picture or video of the task they've completed and tweets the task with the hashtag #TeamName and hashtag #BucketRace. Any task tweeted after 17:30 will not count towards a teams points. At 18:00 teams will meet back at Nelson's Column, where the winners will be announced and their prizes handed out.


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