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Virtual Children's Games

A morning of fun games and a seasonal character! Did you know that lots of characters are also musicians and games masters? No? Well, you’ll see what we mean in these interactive, immersive experiences, aimed at families with children aged 3 - 10. Families will dance, sing, and play along with a selection of seasonal games and songs while viewing from the comfort of their front rooms. Using our virtual studio broadcasting suite, seasonal characters will be placed inside a virtual cartoon house and direct families through an immersive, 2-way, interactive experience using zoom.

The experience lasts around 60 minutes and every child will receive a certificate awarding their participation.

Monthly Mash-Up Party

The last Friday of every month!

We're going to bring you a 55-minute selection of our most popular immersive, virtual games. Then we'll dance together to an hour of song requests.

This virtual, interactive, competitive game uses the latest in broadcasting, virtual events, and design software, to bring our players a truly memorable user-friendly, immersive, experience. Players will tune into our live video stream on our Website, Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook and come up with a winning team name (Extra points for the best name).

This takes elements from all our other games, and includes 55 minutes of quizzing, completing tasks and challenges, puzzles, special guests, music, and gaming.

Whacky Wager Betting Night

Whacky Wager Betting Night
It’s a night of whacky betting madness. We use the latest in graphics, custom video and broadcasting to bring you an alternative, interactive, immersive, betting experience.

Over a period of 80 minutes you will be placing your bets on a variety of live races, games of chance, chain reactions, head to head contests and real life events. All the element you’ll be betting on are hosted and broadcast live from our studio, and at the end of the night the person with the most coins wins. We add bespoke branding to our sets and intro video, as well as within some of the betting elements, making it a truly unique experience. You’ll also be able to select from a variety of music playlists to complement your evening and provide ambience between your race times. We

At the beginning of the evening each player will be issues with 100 coins to play with. After a brief overview of how the betting and odds works, guests will have the opportunity their first bets. Our first round of betting involves our chain reaction course and our Lego coaster, these two events will be running throughout the entire duration of your evening. You’ll need to place your bets on how many laps the coaster will do, and how far the chain reaction will get. After these bets have been made, the night will continue with shorter bets throughout the event.

In between races, we will play your selected playlist and it gives you a chance to socialise in your video chat rooms, have a drink and discuss your next bet.

You can also add the option for additional buy-ins, and fund-raising.

Using 19:00 as a start time, the evenings schedule of events looks like this.

19:00 welcome and introduction
19:05 Trigger chain reaction and first round of betting
19:15 Hot wheels drag race
19:20 Penguin vs Dinosaur track race
19:25 Higher or lower game
19:30 Will our Deliveroo order arrive?
19:35 Super Mario kart Carrera race
19:40 Hook a duck
19:45 Electronic Horse Race
19:50 Wheel of chance
19:55 Epic marble run race
20:00 Reveal all of the scores and results fo the bets made at the beginning.

Online Scavenger Hunts

To adapt to the current laws of lockdown and self-isolation, BucketRace has produced a set of competitive games that can be played at home.

Players need to tune into our live video stream on Youtube, Facebook, or Zoom and come up with a winning team name. We will then reveal the lists, go over the rules, a few Q&A's and get everyone to submit their practice tasks.

Teams will have 60 minutes to complete as many tasks as they can using items they can find within their own homes. We love creativity, so we're open to imaginative interpretations of how the tasks and challenges can be completed. Teams must submit all their tasks submissions via Google Form. Any tasks submitted after the 90 minutes have passed will not be counted.

Tasks and challenges must adhere to the submission format to be counted

Each submission should include the whole team; however, one member can be excluded if they’re taking the photo/video

Completing enough tasks and special challenges earn you bonus points

Tasks must be submitted before the end of BucketRace to be counted

Any teams caught cheating will be disqualified (using photos and videos created before the game)

Teams with the most points at the end of BucketRace wins

All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and a Facebook account. We recommend having 2 smart devices to play.

Each task carries a specific amount of points based on its difficulty, location and BucketRace classification (e.g. home or power-up). The home tasks score the least; however, completing enough of them unlocks a hefty bonus. Power-up tasks score more points, but they don’t offer any bonus incentive. So choose wisely!

Home tasks: Build the tallest tower of cards | Create a domino effect | Design the best sofa fort

We also have fully bespoke events, allowing us to tailor our race's around families, birthdays and celebrations.

We have a large array of extended services including, trophies, t-shirts, jumpers, framed experience photos, as well as a video compilation of your experience.

Private Bookings

A collections of all the games we run as a private booking. Get your colleagues, friends or family together and take part in your own bespoke game.

Public Games

A collections of all the games we run for public groups. Turn up with your own team and play head to head against other public teams.


Our Children's parties are usually themed around your children's hobbies and interests. For example we recently designed a Harry Potter themed event, which included wand duelling, magic spell and Harry Potter trivia tasks and challenges. With our higher end packages, we can also include bespoke prizes for the Children, with extra special prizes for the birthday girl/boy. For example, a replica wand, and a variety of Harry Potter Funko Pop Dolls.

Our children BucketRace's typically follow shorter routes and include additional games such as, 'Find the Green Lion', using GPS tracking technology.

For Races in the U.K. we usually meet in a public space, prearranged space or restaurant, so you can relax and socialise as everyone arrives. We then hand out your personalised task lists, do a brief introduction, go through the rules and task submission and then send you on your way. Points all calculated in real time, so once the final team has arrived back, we go into our 'Round Down' showcasing the best photos/videos of the day! The winners are then announced and prizes are handed out to the winning team!

The Fat Big Quiz

This virtual, interactive, competitive game uses the latest in broadcasting, virtual events, and design software, to bring our players a truly memorable user-friendly, immersive, experience. The games format was inspired by The Big Fat Quiz of the year and takes our players through 10, highly interactive rounds of gameplay. Using video, audio, special guests, graphics, news presenters, and live triggers.

The game rounds and features are as follows...

The game rounds and features are as follows:

History: Questions: Normal question, re-enactment, guest speaker, photo with question, fill in the gaps (famous saying).

Hidden Items: A round consisting of a scene of famous hidden phrases, items or people on a particular subject.

Music: Questions: whats this song backwards, finish the lyric, news presenter, intro from song, theme tune, album covers.

What’s happens next?: A round consisting of 3 videos, and you have to guess what happens next
People: Questions: Headlines, autobiography read out, who created this, pixilated picture, who said this quote, who’s this celebrity?

Geography: A themed geography round consisting of famous objects from around the world.

Film: Questions: Literal movie name, read out extract, video clip, face swap for movie post, say what you see, strapline from the film.

Name that character: A round that uses masks and music. You need to name the character in the mask, and name the contrasting music.

General Knowledge: Questions: A quickfire round of 10 general knowledge questions.

Build a list: A final round, where players build a list of up to 10 answers. However, get one answer wrong and loose all your points!

Optional bespoke Round

Outdoors Scavenger Hunts

Our bread and butter! Where it all began. Below is a list of all our different scavenger hunts with a twist.


A collection of all the in-person game's we're running.


A collection of all the online game's we're running.

Full List

This is an extensive list of all the game's we currently run at BucketRace

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