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The Fat Big Virtual Quiz of... Pride

The Fat Big Quiz 2020.jpg


A pride themed version of our Fat Big Quiz. With 3 themed rounds, 7 general rounds, lots of interactive graphics, videos, special guests and more. To coincide with some of the biggest dates in the calendar, we have created a series of mini quizzes that can be added into our full games to honour the occasion. This mini-quiz focuses on pride.

Our quiz takes players through ten, highly interactive rounds of virtual gameplay. Using video, audio, special guests, graphics, guest presenters, and live triggers, along with the latest in broadcasting and design software, we bring our players a truly memorable user-friendly, immersive, experience.

The quizzes format consits of five quirky creative rounds and 5 normal quiz style rounds.

The rounds for this quiz are:


Questions: Special guest, name that tune, song in reverse, finish the lyric, album cover, face swap.

Pride not prejudice

In this round you will need to spot a series of pioneers from within the LGBT community. We have disguised each person in different outfits, hidden within a busy parade animation.

Quirky Quick-fire

A quick-fire round of 10 quirky questions based on the quiz theme.

Please check The Fat Big Quiz Home Page for more details on the other quiz rounds which are: History, Say what you can see, People or Food, Live Round, TV/Film, Creative seasonal round and The Final Round. 

What you'll need

We advise having x 2 smart devices e.g. laptop, iPhone, iPad, a good internet connection, and players must be comfortable with using Google forms to play the game!


Public Events

Available on seasonal dates, check out our schedule here: Public Tickets

Private Events

Available all year round.

For private bookings you can enquire by filling in this form: Enquiry Form

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