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Franchise Races
Welcome to BucketRace's franchise events section. BucketRace offers organisations a unique, explorative and entertaining game, which they can offer to their clientele. We offer multiple Scavenger Race routes around the world and our franchise events can be run by organisations to generate income, increase engagement or simply for fun.


Franchise events are fully bespoke, which allows us to design tasks and challenges that are completely unique to your organisations, location, culture, history and style. 

Our scavenger races allow people to discover the hidden places in locations all over the world, socialise & compete with their friends and colleagues, and reinvigorate & inspire their inner child.


To design your event we'll arrange a consultation and share with you the work we've done with previous organisations similar to yours. This will help us to understand what you'd like to get out of your BucketRace, allowing our creative team to piece together the most personal, bespoke and unique experience possible. 

After a draft of your BucketRace has been designed , we'll discuss your thoughts and any tweaks and changes you'd like. Once you're happy with your BucketRace, your franchise lists are sent for printing and we deliver you your points calculator via email. We suggest running one event hosted by our staff, where we teach your staff to run the event themselves. From that point onwards you simply order lists from us in batches of x25, x50 or x100 as and when you need them. You'll also be assigned your own account manager, who you can contact should you want any changes or updates added to your BucketRace in the future. 

'Franchise Case Study'
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BucketRace respects your privacy. The information you provide us is intended for internal use only, and we will not share, sell, or distribute your information. You may receive news about BucketRace's services and events in the future.

We've helped other organisations -

  • Offer their clientele an adventurous, fun, engaging activity 

  • Increase income through ticket sales

  • Increase income through partnerships and sponsorships with local businesses 

  • Connect and increase engagement in their surrounding areas

  • Drive audiences to certain parts of their local area, which may otherwise get overlooked

  • Drive audiences towards local businesses, making them aware of products, offers and services

  • Help clients explore a certain area, increasing exposure and spending within local businesses

  • Strengthen partnerships with local businesses, by involving them within the event

  • Allow themselves to stand out from their competitors by offering something truly new, exciting and unique

  • Deliver a fun game for their clientele, building a culture around activity, leisure and entertainment

  • Connect different campuses

  • Navigate clientele around all parts of their venues, which may otherwise get overlooked

  • Increase online awareness, through photos and videos on their clienteles social media, using media uploads, tagging and hashtags

  • Drive clientele towards areas where they generate revenue such as  – photo booths, games rooms and bars

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