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Extended Services

Creating the perfect event
Extended Services

We have a large array of extended services, which can be mixed and matched or bought as a package, to deliver you and your group the most memorable, all encompassing and personalised day possible. 


Our extended services include, trophies, medals, alcoholic prizes, experience day prizes, framed experience photos, goody bags, video compilations as well as a party planning service.

Why stop there?

If there's something we haven't thought of that you'd like to see, simply let us know and we will do our best to involve it in your experience! We're always open to new ideas and suggestions - 'if there's a will there's a way'! 

Product List

  • Round Down

A round down of the days antics, with a showcase of the funniest and most creative pictures/videos of the day, with a handing out of prizes and trophies (Prizes and trophies can be provided by either BucketRae or the organisation themselves).

  • Medals

Gold BucketRace branded participation medals for everyone.


  • Trophies

First, second and third place, most creative and funniest photo/video trophies.

Experience Photos.png
  • Charity Tasks

An additional list of tasks aimed at giving back to the community. Typically we’ll ask if there are any specific charities that your organisation works with. If there aren’t then we’re happy to choose a charity for you..

  • Basic Alcoholic prize

Moet Chandon | 1st – Standard.


  • Deluxe Alcoholic prizes

Moet Chandon | 1st – Magnum, 2nd Standard, 3rd demi | Funniest team demi, most creative team demi.

Alcohol Deluxe.png
  • Framed experience photos

Branded, framed team photos, perfect for work desks

  • Goody Bags

A goody bag containing the following:

Cotton BucketRace Bag, BucketRace Fidget Spinner/Bottle Opener, BucketRace Phone Stand, BucketRace Stress Ball, BucketRace Flip Grip Phone Holder, BucketRace Screen Cleaning Cloth.

Experience Days.png
  • Non-alcoholic prizes

1st/2nd/3rd place experience day prizes (Sushi making, Soap making, Cupcake academy, Cocktail making, Trampoline park, Barista Master class).

  • Video Compilation

A compilation of the day’s best photos and videos. This video compilation is shared via dropbox and may be posted on our social media. Organisations who approve their video for online use, may wish to approve their photos and videos before they’re used. Once the photos and videos have been approved, the video takes up to a week to produce.

All Services.png
  • Packages

We offer different packages, with the most popular combinations of extended services. These packages can be customised to fit your preferences, and extended services can be added or taken away. Please contact us if you’d like to mix and match different services.

Party Planning Services
  • Food Catering

Combined with our round downs, we’re able to arrange in office food catering or restaurant bookings upon request. Prices vary depending of location, availability and dietary requirements.

  • Drinks Reception

Before and after events we can provide drinks reception. Prices vary depending on location and availability.

  • Venue Hire

Whether you’re planning a party, from out of town and/or want to run your BucketRace from a private venue, we’re able to arrange the perfect venue for you. Depending on your requirements, venues can range from conference rooms, to pubs, bars and restaurants. We can arrange venues for your round down or private spaces that allow your party to continue late into the night. 

Party Planning
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