Children's Parties


BucketRace’s scavenger hunts are explorative, highly participative events, and not to mention extremely fun!

They're perfect for children's parties, where the adults want to be involved as well. We've deliberately layered our events, and included multiple games, task and challenges, to make sure we offer something for everyone. We like to think of ourselves as the Pixar or the outdoor adventure and experience world. 

On The Day
The Meet

We have various meeting points dependant upon the scavenger hunt you choose. Typically we meet in a social environment such as a known public space or restaruant, where we spend around half an hour assigning teams, checking task submission, explaining the rules and answering any questions. Teams then have 2-3 hours to complete as many tasks as possible, gain the most points and find they're way to the finish line. All the task submissions are collated and verified, the best videos/photos are showcased, the final score are announced and prizes, framed photos and/or medals are handed out.

What we provide
  • 2-4 hours duration Race

  • Bespoke tasks and challenges

  • Bespoke personalsied, memorable handouts

  • All the photos and videos of the day

  • A range of fun challenges for a truly memorable experience

  • Choose from a range of popular hunts or make it bespoke

  • Ideal for a stag, hen or birthday parties, or anyone looking for a bespoke event to spoil their friends


  • Round down (A screening of the best and funniest photo's and videos of the day - can only be delivered in specific venues)

  • Party bags

  • Participation prizes

  • Bespoke prizes

  • Experience day prizes

  • Trophies

  • Participation Medals

  • Framed experience photos

  • Epic video compilation

  • Goody bags

  • Bespoke routes

  • Cryptic routes

  • Party planning - Food & Drinks bookings

How it works

BucketRace is a race around London, where teams compete against one another by completing tasks on the list (or BucketList) provided. BucketRace's goal is for participants to discover new places, activities and hidden gems within London, while meeting like-minded people and competing in a fun and friendly environment.

  1. Teams must stick together at all times

  2. Each photo should include the whole team; however, one member can be excluded if they’re taking the photo/video

  3. Tasks are divided into Miscellaneous, Bespoke and Location catergories

  4. Location tasks are mutually exclusive

  5. You cannot score tasks within multiple locations

  6. Tasks must be submitted before the end of BucketRace to be counted

  7. For late arrival to the finish, teams loose 150 points every 5 minutes

  8. Any team more than 15 minutes late will loose all their points

  9. Any teams caught cheating will be disqualified

  10. Teams with the most points at the end of BucketRace wins


What you need
All you need is a well-charged smart phone (more than one per team is advised) and a comfy pair of trainers BucketRace will provide the rest.


Each task carries a specific amount of points based on its difficulty, location and BucketRace classification (e.g. location, miscellaneous, bespoke or bonus). The location tasks score the least; however completing enough of them unlocks a hefty bonus. Miscellaneous tasks score more points, but they don’t offer any bonus incentive. So choose wisely! 


It’s worth noting that most of the BucketRace location tasks have been written in order of the quickest route. The exceptions are the final few tasks within each section, which have been chosen to fit the culture of each area and can be performed anywhere within that location.

Tasks Examples

Location: Find a taxi serving coffee in (Shoreditch) | Find the giant Dragon in (Camden) | Build a human pyramid in (Hyde Park)

Miscellaneous: Serenade a stranger |  Build a leaning tower of pizza | Share your last Rolo with a stranger

Bespoke: Find a t-shirt with your friends favourite band on it | Perform you friends party trick | Impersonate your friend to a stranger when they're inebriated


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