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Layered for the whole family!

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Why choose BucketRace for your children's next birthday party?

  • Bespoke themes, tailored around your children's hobbies and interests

  • Offers something for different for children of all age groups

  • Encourages friends to work together

  • We also include challenges that keep adults engaged

  • A personal, memorable day that your children will never forget 

Welcome to BucketRace's personalised events section. If you're bored of typical party activities then you've come to the right place. 

BucketRace provides a uniquely fun, competitive, explorative day out, that will leave you with great photos, unforgettable memories and a big smile on your face. 

Our scavenger hunts have been designed to allow you to discover the hidden gems in locations all over the world, socialise and compete with your friends, and embrace and inspire your inner child. Before your event we'll arrange a consultation to really understand your requirements and allow our creative team to piece together the most personal, special and unique experience possible. 

Our Children's parties are usually themed around your children's hobbies and interests. For example we recently designed a Harry Potter themed event, which included wand duelling, magic spell and Harry Potter trivia tasks and challenges. With our higher end packages, we can also include bespoke prizes for the Children, with extra special prizes for the birthday girl/boy. For example, a replica wand, and a variety of Harry Potter Funko Pop Dolls. 


Our children BucketRace's typically follow shorter routes and include additional games such as, 'Find the Green Lion', using GPS tracking technology. 

For Races in the U.K. we usually meet in a public space, prearranged space or restaurant, so you can relax and socialise as everyone arrives. We then hand out your personalised task lists, do a brief introduction, go through the rules and task submission and then send you on your way. Points all calculated in real time, so once the final team has arrived back, we go into our 'Round Down' showcasing the best photos/videos of the day! The winners are then announced and prizes are handed out to the winning team! For a break down of the day's events and more details click HERE

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Please fill in the form below and member of our team will contact you shortly to confirm the details of your event.  

BucketRace respects your privacy. The information you provide us is intended for internal use only, and we will not share, sell, or distribute your information. You may receive news about BucketRace's services and events in the future.

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