There different task categories. There are tasks specific to the region you choose to do your event. For example, if you chose London, you may be asked to hail a black cab, or photobomb a selfie in front of Buckingham Palace. There are miscellaneous tasks such as: wear a toothpaste moustache, wear a toilet seat around your neck, or get a high score on a video game. And finally, there are the personalised tasks based on the information you've provided us. We specialise in London scavenger hunts; however upon request, we are able to offer events in other UK major cities. Please contact us to see if we can support an event in your location.

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Please feel free to donate to our kick stater (coming soon) and fill in the form below so we can contact you once our app has been developed. Please provide any additional details such as, party size, dates, times and location in the notes section, so we can better assist your enquiry.  

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