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BucketRace is a race around London, where teams compete against one another by completing tasks on the list (or BucketList) provided. BucketRace's goal is for people to discover new places, hangouts and hidden gems within London, while competing in a fun and friendly environment. You can enter as either a team or an individual. Individual sign entrants are allocated teams on the day.



BucketRace is competitive and the team with the most points wins. At the end of the Summer Season or our One-off events, there are prizes for the winning and runners up teams. Prizes are Bucket List in nature and range from Scaling the O2, Chocolate Making or a 3-course meal at the Paternoster Chop House (first dates restaurant). 

How does it work?

What you need

All you need is a well-charged smart phone (more than one per team is advised), comfy shoes and a Twitter account. BucketRace will provide the rest!


Each task carries a specific amount of points based on its difficulty, location and BucketRace classification (e.g. location, miscellaneous or bonus). The location tasks score the least; however completing enough of them unlocks a hefty bonus. Miscellaneous tasks score more points, but they don’t offer any bonus incentive. So choose wisely! 


It’s also worth noting that most of the BucketRace location tasks have been written in order of the quickest route. The exceptions are the final few tasks within each section, which have been chosen to fit the culture of each area and can be performed  anywhere within that location. BucketRace lasts for 4 hours. Any teams who arrive to the finish late, will forfeit a cumulative 150 points every 5 minutes. Any team more than 15 minutes late will lose all their points! 


Location tasks: are specific to regions of London. Examples include - Find a taxi serving coffee in Shoreditch, find the giant Dragon in Camden and build a human pyramid in Hyde Park.


Miscellaneous tasks: can be done anywhere and earn more points. Examples include - Serenade a stranger, Wear a toilet seat around your neck, Get a high score on a video game.


Task Submission

Tasks are submitted through the wonderful world of social media, using photos and/or videos as evidence. More specifically we calculate real time scores using Twitters #Hashtag function. That way teams can use their own mobile phones and we can give you hourly updates on how each team is performing.


Twitter is free to download and use. If you don’t already have a twitter account, please ask one of our staff to help you create one before BucketRace begins. 


  1. Teams can be no larger than 4 people

  2. Teams must stick together at all times

  3. Each photo should include the whole team; however, one member can be excluded if they’re taking the photo/video

  4. Tasks are divided into Miscellaneous and Location categories

  5. Location tasks are mutually exclusive. You cannot score tasks  within multiple locations

  6. Tasks must be submitted before the end of BucketRace to be counted

  7. For late arrival to the finish teams loose 150 points every 5 minutes

  8. Any team more than 15 minutes late will loose all their points

  9. Any teams caught cheating will be disqualified

  10. Teams with the most points at the end of BucketRace wins

On The Day
The Meet

We meet at – 'Golden Square, London, W1F 9HR’ at 12:00. The location is easily accessible by tube or bus. The nearest tube station is Piccadilly Circus. Once there, individual sign ups will be collated into teams, there will be a brief introduction and teams will receive their lists. Within the time specified time period, teams must choose which region of London they'll be completing tasks in, and complete the tasks they believe will amount to the most points. When the clock strikes 12:30 the competition will start and you'll be racing off to best your opponents whilst discovering the hidden gems of London.

We also run private events for birthdays, hen & stag do's and team building. Simply contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote


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